3 AM Musings

Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow dancer to be a partner.


3 am musings, poetries and imperishable stories of our lives…

With Tapasya Panda

Swollen Emotions

Be patient  wait till the sky turns red  before you confess your feelings wait till it enhances your beauty to a limit that it’s almost translucent and sacred It’s important to be seen through,  takes courage to be vulnerable towards something so spontaneous  Become one with every inch of that distance you’ve pulled back dropContinue reading “Swollen Emotions”

Tiny Rooms

People build houses, by rearranging bricks, coating it with cement,  People owning these buildings, and the little houses with tiny rooms Placing the furnitures, curtains guarding the house from being peeked into People building dreams of a life in these rooms, for children and grandchildren or their absence Watching the walls swell and colours fade, Continue reading “Tiny Rooms”


I feel minute tinier than a grain of sand  in this cosmic neighbourhood  I’m putting all this effort into. I am weaving myself into a sweater  worn only when  a world dies somewhere  in between my words mispronounced  and corrected I always find the wrong people to correct me But maybe that’s not the problem Continue reading “Minute”

I’m disappearing

I’m disappearing into moist infertile land can you imagine how long it took me  to grow into this being I have despised all along?  Can you grow me a summer?  or maybe a little plant with pretty pink flowers  the kids would dismissively pluck from?  I don’t want to hear another poem about beauty,  orContinue reading “I’m disappearing”


If you don’t read how will you learn to  see a new sky everyday  Name a cloud  that contained your tears. Let a rainbow pass through it. Your heart jumping up and down across shades of blush hue and you cast your essence out of your body drenched in the same wholesome water that wreckedContinue reading “Clouds”


I fell in love in a madhousewhere they look at me like I’m being strangled by my own desiresto escape somedaythey say it’s the same out there I agree. But isn’t it much simpler to live like that?You walk away whenever you want to Like how they show in moviessomebody would be left on the bridgeIn this fancy partContinue reading “Madhouse”

Welcome to my deceased forest

I’m listening to dark piano thinking about this Archfiend’s templeI wasted my sermons on.I even dressed in blackColoured my hair pink, red, blue and greenGot pointed eyebrows High bootsAccessories around my neck, Choking.An medieval attitude towards sexHolding gothic novelsScared away pigeons Burried a crowGrew a gardenOf netted melons and dandelions Watched it turn into a diseased forest,growing cannabis!

Mental Breakdown

As these different coping mechanisms are skilfully juxtaposed by the fauvists on walls I’ll pose next toand have my pictures taken one day;and the society that never stops howling in your ears,So loud, that you wouldn’t beg for it to stop.So loud, that you feel you’re hallucinating again. Always trying to decrypt the messagesfrom my head directing myContinue reading “Mental Breakdown”

Witch of my dreams

I call her the witch of my dreamscloaked in a subtle white robewalking through a boulevard of bitter truths and pretty lies. You cannot tell her apart from other women.Cuz she is ordinaryOrdinary enough to dream smallClaiming to be an anarchist on daysshe wants to be heard.Believes that impurity and eroticism is an expression of free love; onContinue reading “Witch of my dreams”

More than flesh and brains

My grandmother once saidthat a women’s body isn’t just a revelation of the universe crafted by mother nature. It’s a weapon.It’s art, It’s trap and it’s spiritualthat no model holding roses over her groin could justify a gaze painters, sculptors and photographers would devour desperately.But only we know how much we go through,to remain as the givers. She says naked isContinue reading “More than flesh and brains”


It can’t just be my imagination that I see him through a mirror staring down at me in anticipation holding his cards upside downthe first sign that I ignore. Or is it the dexterously carved ‘Dear me’ epistles on his neck,down his chest, his arms and abdomenbleeding, spurting… Forming captivating patterns of blood clots on the floorI senseContinue reading “Death”


In search for moremy trained arms have stretched wide •••High five strangers Practice acceptance have a wide variety of friends Accept them as they comeor where they come from. Train your heart to never tell the complete truth.Be well informed cuz you want to be smart enough to always end conversations to take chargeBe thoughtful But also stupid and silly Be crazy Learn Makeup then say it doesn’tContinue reading “Grace”

Shallow Endings

I want to turn you into poetry before the sunrise The thoughts still wouldn’t fade with each of my effort enchained in a silvery envelope That stays in your study by the bowl of fruits you never eat. My skull makes a wheezing sound, Asks me to play the word game, I never get itContinue reading “Shallow Endings”


I see her go away, every day.  The subtle memory of  the sound of her footsteps, a music with perfect beats, approaching with an unquiet mind. For a while you forget about your shrunken world, u look up and there’s no hallow behind her head.  She says hello… Hellooo… You play the song of yourContinue reading “Her.”

Autumn Boat

The water became still when I tied our boat to the hook. We named it after the season when we fell out of love. Autumn.  We wondered what ferrymen usually talk about.  As they scud through these white trunks of towering eucalyptus, the marsh lands, and the mud huts by the lake.  The pine treesContinue reading “Autumn Boat”

The guy..(open letter)

The last page of my diary reminded me of a note you wrote to me.  We were eleven. You were that nasty little quiet creature sitting in the back of the class who nobody ever really noticed.  You were never bullied, you never got into any kind of trouble, you never topped, you never failed,Continue reading “The guy..(open letter)”

Burgundy (assault)

It’s just, I don’t choose to think about you.  The words slipping out of my mouth are of self-pity.  The silent explosion of paranoia, clear and vivid Covers every dark patch on my skin with beige fabric dipped in Burgundy wine. Because that’s the colour you’d never see me wearing. That’s the colour of theContinue reading “Burgundy (assault)”


I tie moonstones to my neck and my wrists… They shine bright on a moonlit night, when I turn into a witch and you’re suddenly terrified to love me like you have all along.  You worship me like I’m a goddess sculpt out of the nakedness of this tranquil night, where the wolves dance aroundContinue reading “Witchcraft”

Welcome to 3 am musings

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde. This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

About Me.

I heartily welcome you to the 3 am musings. Which speaks about mine and yours true hidden emotions. About the immense grief we keep bottling up every second of our lives, or the times you feel handicapped by your own stories, times you’re scared to talk about yourself, and times you distract yourself from findingContinue reading “About Me.”



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